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High Quality Drinking Straw Machine Manufacturer In China
2016-06-28 08:54:15 Author:sunrisemachinery Source:

Since 2005, Fuyang Sunrise Machinery Co.,Ltd keeps offering worldwide customers High Quality Drinking Straw Machine , we are the Top One Drinking Straw Machine Manufacturer in Hangzhou, China.

Certificate we have:


CE certificate

FTA certificate

COC Certificate

Certificate of Origin.......


Tunis, Mexico,Argentina......


How to know which is necessary to help you start your business?

Allow us to introduce:

Straw machine falls into 3 categories:


Drinking straw making machine, including:

One color drinking straw making machine

Two colors drinking straw making machine

Three colors drinking straw making machine

Five colors drinking straw making machine

Plastic Lollipop stick making machine

Plastic cotton bud stick making machine



Drinking straw bending machine,including:

Automatic Flexible Straw Bending Machine

Artistic straw bending machine



Drinking straw packing machine, including:

Individual straw packing machine

Multiple straw packing machine

Tetra pack straw packing machine

U shape tetra pack straw packing machine


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