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U shape straw tetra pack packing machine SUL-33 Series

This machine can bend flexible straws to U-shape and automatically fill, pack it. The sealing moulds are made of casted aluminum, easy to heat and steady the temperature. The machine is with correcting table to repair the straw packages, so it can produce the high quality U shape straw rolls in tetra pack.
☆Straw filling, bending, packing automatic finished at once.
☆Automatic counting and batch alarm.
☆The packing speed can be adjusted.
☆With redundant margin cutting device
☆Online repairing table for straw packing.
☆The breaker ,AC contactor and knob switch brand is SCHNEIDER
☆The inverter brand is DELTA
Technical data:
※Power of driving motor:2.2kw (control by Delta inverter)
※Power of fan:0.25kw
※Power of vacuum pump:0.75kw
※Packing type:4 sides sealing
※Raw material:BOPP film
1)Width of film:95-180mm
2)Thickness of film:0.018~0.022mm
※Specification of straw:
1)Inner dia.Ф3.8mm / Ф4.8mm
3)Length of U shape moulds:90mm/105mm/128mm
※Distance of each straw:22mm (Pitch distance)
※Dimension of machine:3000×1800×1600mm
※Weight of machine:1100kgs

◇Option (U shape straw swing carton machine SUS-33)