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Semi-automatic artistic drinking straw machine SAS

SAS series semi-automatic artistic drinking straw making machine is used to make the artistic drinking straw. Feeding the straight straw by hand, straw knurled by 2 knurling rollers, the labours pull out the artistic straw by hand after knurling. The machine is controlled by feet switch.
☆The flexible artistic straw with 58 tooth
☆Cheap cost and easy to operate.
Technical data:
※Power of driving motor:120W
※Specification of straw:
1) Inner dia.ф5.8mm
2) Thickness of straw:0.19~0.25mm
3) Length of straight straw:250~350mm
※No. of teeth:40-60
※The others specification can be special made
※Dimension of machine:300×200×200mm
※Weight of machine:40kgs