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Drinking Straw Extrusion Machine SDSI-3
The plant are comprised by three colours extruder,air compressor , water cooling bath,straw hauling & cutting unit.
☆Colours: Three colour.      
☆All the direct contact parts are made of stainless steel.
☆The cutting unit adopted the big plate cutter and with automatic gathering system.
☆The breaker ,AC contactor and knob switch brand is SCHNEIDER
☆The inverter brand is DELTA
Technical data:
※Dia.of the screw:50mm+2x25mm
※No.of screw:3 pcs
※Section of temperature controlling:11
※Max.extrusion capacity:32-35kgs/h
※Production capacity:30000-60000pcs/h
※Specification of straw diameter.:
1)Inner dia.φ2- φ 14mm 
2)Length tolerance:± 0.1 -1mm 
※Motor power of extruder:11kw+0.75kwx2,380V,50hz,3 phase (standardized power)
Water cooling bath(Option N)
※Length of water cooling bath:4400mm(standard)or 6400mm
Hauling machine and cutting unit(Option B)
※Motor power of hauling unit:0.75kw,380V,50hz,3 phase
※Motor power of gathering system:0.18kw,380V,50hz,3 phase
※Option B (Big plate cutter with automatic gathering system)
Air compressor    
※Fusheng (famous brand in China)


Water cooling bath(Option N)

Hauling machine and cutting unit(Option B)

Air compressor
Option V (Water cooling bath with vacuum pump)
Option A (Ordinary cutter with multi cut end)