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Lollipop Stick Extrusion Machine SDSI-L1

The machine is used to produce the PP lollipop stick. It’s an automatic and high speed model.
☆Colours:One colour.     
☆Notch cutter:One side one notch,one side two notches,each side one notch ,no notch.   
☆All the direct contact parts are made of stainless steel.
☆The cutting unit adopted the big plate cutter and with automatic gathering system.
☆The breaker ,AC contactor and knob switch brand is SCHNEIDER
☆The inverter brand is DELTA
☆Raw material: polypropylene (PP)       
1) Diameter range for the stick: 2.5mm - 4.0mm       
2) Length range for the stick: 75mm-115mm            
Technical data:       
※Main Screw dia.50mm       
※Power of main motor:11kw with Delta inverter       
※Heating section:5       
Water cooling bath(Option N)        
※Material:stainless steel tank and frame.       
※Can be adjustment by front and back,right and left.       
Hauling machine and cutting unit (one notch or two notch)        
※Power of motor:0.75kw with Delta inverter       
※Cutting with the special blades for Lollipop stick       
※Material of working table:stainless steel       
Air compressor       
※Fusheng (famous brand in China)

Water cooling bath(Option N)         
  Hauling machine and cutting unit        
  Air compressor